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Dream Honeymoon Destinations

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not getting married anytime soon. I’m not even in a relationship yet. Okay? :))

It’s just that I really think honeymoon destinations should be somewhere splendid. Where the couple can spend time together and just have fun without any worries. In my opinion, I don’t think it shouldn’t be the wedding that should be glamorous. It’s a one special day, yes. But its just ONE day. I believe that it’s the honeymoon that should be well spent ($$$) with. It’s where you’ll start off together – AS ONE. :”>

Okay, am I making sense here? or is it becoming too cheesy now? :)) Fine, lets just start of with my list of honeymoon destinations. These 3 places I’ve listed are the places I want to hit ALL in one single trip, like a one time, big time trip. But of course, I’m not Hitler or something. It will still depend on my future life partner if we can afford this kind and if he also agrees to these destinations. Oh well, wherever you are, whoever you will be.. prepare the $$$. Haha!

1. ) New York City, U.S.A.

– apart from not visiting the east coast from our last U.S. trip, I want to reserve this place for honeymoon mainly because I want to visit the main head quarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Brooklyn, NY with someone that I will spend my life with serving our Almighty God, Jehovah. (Yes, you read it right, I’m one of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.) Another reason would be to visit the famous Times Square and Manhattan! :”>Image


2.) Walt Disney World – Orlando, Florida

– I know it was just one of my recent posts that we went to Disneyland, California last summer. And believe me, I am still in a big hangover from it. I really fell in love with Disneyland and I would love to come back over and over again. This place might be a bit childish, but I really think it would be a great opportunity for me and my ‘future’ one to unleash the child in ourselves for one more BIG time because after that we need to grow up and face life’s realities.  Image


3.) The Bahamas

– Our trip to Hawaii last summer actually made me realize that an island / beach setting would always be the most romantic ambiance of all. After a cityscape in NY, a childhood comeback in Florida, won’t it be nice to relax and chill in the serene beaches of Bahamas? It’s the most peaceful way to end a tiring vacation! ;)Image


I really think its not that bad to dream and plan WAYYYY ahead of time. Everyone has their own hopes and dreams in life. I’m just sharing mine. :)