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Rainy Tuesday

Yesterday was really a wet day. It was raining the whole day. Classes has been suspended, including ours. However, we were suspended at 1PM so we still had our morning classes. Afterwhich, my friend who just recently got back from her work and travel program in the states, Kate, and I, decided to hang out after the suspension was announced. Notwithstanding the rain, we spent our afternoon babbling and babbling about our summer stories in Teatalk, a very cozy place smacked right at the very center of the long stretch of Aguirre Ave. in BF Homes, Paranaque. And as the name dictates, teatalk is obviously a tea place (pretty much like gong cha, serenitea, bubble tea, etc) i pretty much recommend their popping boba as a sinker to any fruity drink. Its quite interesting how it pops when you bite it and a burst of yogurt comes out! You guys should try it!

After our never ending babbling in Teatalk, we decided to eat an early dinner as our tummies were growling in hunger. Thai Fusion Cafe (also along aguirre, walking distance from Teatalk) was the best spot for our thai craving! The photo below shows what our hungry tummies had last night. We had chicken pad thai, beef garlic pepper and pork satay. Everything was not bad at all considering we only spent about P500+ for everything. And oh, we actually had a thai dessert after but we weren’t able to take a picture because it was rattled immediately the moment it was put on our table. They were very accomodating too. But the best part is, I had my dinner for free because my friend, Kate, paid for it. Wohoo! Thanks again Kate! :*

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