Some days are just worth remembering!

Happiest Place on Earth

So this is what I’m saying when I said that we we’re moving from LA to Anaheim in my last post. We moved to Anaheim to spend 4 days in Disneyland! Honestly speaking, of all the places that we went to in the whole of our USA trip last summer, this is still probably the best part if you would ask me!

Again, this is a late post. But.. its very much worth remembering so I will still blog about it :)

My supposed title for this post is “Unleash the Child in You” because the moment you enter Disneyland you seem to be transported back to your childhood memories. I’m so glad that I’m neither too old or too young to have this Disneyland experience. For those who had been there before, you must be familiar of the two parks that Disneyland California has: The Disneyland Park and The Disney California Adventure Park. We visited both parks and I wouldn’t have a pick which park is better because both parks are just amazingly awesome! The time that we went there was also perfect because it was spring so its neither too cold or neither too hot. Its not a peak season too because students are still in school. But even though, there were still a flock of people in the park. We even decided to go on a Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday schedule and there were still a lot of people! I can’t imagine going there on weekdays and during their peak seasons (June-Aug). You’ll be out of wits waiting for your turn on the rides!

It can be very intimidating on your first visit. Just like what happened to us. The parks are gigantic, the maps are so huge, there are rides and attractions left and right, people kept on walking and walking like ants everywhere! It was crazy!! However, after a tiring day in Disneyland, it was very much worth it. Everything is just so much fun. It is indeed the happiest place on earth.

To make the long story short, here are some of the photos (out of our 400+ photos, only from Disneyland) that we had:


Cars! So cute isn’t it? :”>

Too bad the “Cars Land” part of Disneyland was scheduled to open last June. And we were there May!! :'(


“The Bugs Land”


(Disney California Adventure Park)


Do you recognize the robot? It’s the famous robot from Japan! It was amaaaazing!


(Disneyland Park – Tomorrowland)


(Disneyland Park – Fantasyland)


Finale of ‘It’s A Small World’ Gondola Ride

And of course, who would go to Disneyland without having a picture with their most favored cutie patootie characters?




If you know me personally, you would know that I don’t really draw. Its one of my weaknesses. I suck at drawing!! But in Disneyland, they made me draw. And up until now I’m so proud of my drawing. It’s not all the time that I can make something like this. Haha.


And lastly, our one and only family picture inside Disneyland. A good samaritan offered to take our picture. How nice! :)


As I was uploading these photos to this post, my sister and I were actually looking at the website of Hongkong Disneyland and Walt Disney Resort (Florida). We are still very much amazed how Disney puts together all of their gigantic parts with all its modern structures and features. Oh well, I bet my sister is hoping for a Disney experience Part 2. Honestly, I am too! :p


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