Some days are just worth remembering!

I really regret not starting this blog last summer. If I did, this post wouldn’t be as late. Haha. But.. it’s better late than never!

So last April 30, my family and I flew to Los Angeles, California via Hawaiian Air with a lay-over in Honolulu. It’s actually our first time in the US of A. We had a lot of hassles with our lay-over in Honolulu since that’s where we’re gonna be checked by the Homeland Immigration. Long story short, we were actually running around the airport for our LAX flight because it was already in its final call. That was craaaaazy! It was very embarrassing when we finally got into the aircraft. Everyone was all eyes on us feeling annoyed that we caused the delay of the flight. But nevertheless, we still made it to the City of Angels!

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(Outfit: Shirt from Mango, Snakeskin Leggings thrifted, Jacket from Surplus, Scarf from my mom’s closet, Silver boots thrifted, and Brown Bag thrifted from Davao)

We arrived in LA around 11 PM and I remember finally arriving in our hotel at almost 12 MN. I knowww. It was such a crazy exhaustive trip! You wouldn’t believe that next day, we didn’t want to waste a day so we decided to go immediately for a city tour. On our 3rd day, we checked out of our LA hotel and moved to Anaheim. Why? Watch out for my next post! :)


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