Some days are just worth remembering!

New Pinoy Pride

As you must’ve read from the ‘about’ section of my blog, I’m a 4th year AB Communication Student. And right now one of the classes that i have is Integrated Marketing Communication. It is a requirement that we’re able to build an IMC plan by the end of the sem. To prepare for that, we already need to choose and do some research about an existing company/product/service that we intend to create an IMC plan for as early as now. And guess what my group has chosen:

Ten-tenennn! :)) Yes, we picked Manang’s Chicken. Most people in the northern part of Manila are familiar with this brand but right now its just starting to reveal itself from the southerners. They have started only to reveal themselves to the southerners by a stall in Soderno (Molito, Alabang) and BF Homes branch is their first store in the South of Manila. Surprisingly, Manang’s chicken has only been in the market for 10 mos. but they’ve grown with 10 branches already!

So today we went to the BF Homes branch of Manang’s Chicken (beside generics pharmacy, phase 1, Aguirre Ave) to interview the manager or supervisor to at least get some inside information. Mind you, we were just walk-ins and we did not set for any appointment. And surprisingly, the store supervisor entertained us very well and wittingly answered most of our questions. Good PR for them indeed! And what else did we get?

The supervisor gave us free chicken wings sampler! How nice isn’t it? I mean im not really a business minded person but having studied Public Relations for the past year, I believe that the secret to a successful business is taking care of your consumers. Its not just about giving them worthy products and efficient services all the time. How you deal with your consumers definitely matters!

Manang’s Chicken’s unique selling point is its soy garlic chicken that is not really the common type of chicken served on every Filipino’s plate. The usual filipino chicken is either roasted (like that of baliwag, andoks, chooks to go, etc.) and fried (jollibee, mcdo, kfc). Their recipe is similar to Bon Chon. However, Manang’s Chicken is proudly pinoy!

Check out their website for more information:

And yes, they do deliver! :-)




Their Velvet Sundae is a must try! Its a triple chocolate sundae with soft delectable sponge cake below + vanilla ice cream + chocolate syrup and sprinkles. Its sweetness level is not that ‘nakakaumay’ thus its just perfect! Manang’s chips is also one of a kind. Instead of fries they’ve created their own potato chips! :-)


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