Some days are just worth remembering!

Remember my post about the music video challenge?

I promised that I’ll post the video as soon as possible. And this is it, finally! I’m really sorry for the delay and for keeping you guys hanging for about a week. I’ve been juggling with different school stuff last week even though there had been class suspensions. Is this really the senior year syndrome? And because of that I also got sick with flu for 2 days.

Hope everyone is safe from the very wet and flooded weather of last week! Lets all pray for a sunny week this time!

Here is the link to the video:

“Baby One More Time” MV Cover

I really don’t know yet how to embed a video here. If you do know please let me know. Thanks! And.. let me know what you think of our music video cover. Okay? :)


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not getting married anytime soon. I’m not even in a relationship yet. Okay? :))

It’s just that I really think honeymoon destinations should be somewhere splendid. Where the couple can spend time together and just have fun without any worries. In my opinion, I don’t think it shouldn’t be the wedding that should be glamorous. It’s a one special day, yes. But its just ONE day. I believe that it’s the honeymoon that should be well spent ($$$) with. It’s where you’ll start off together – AS ONE. :”>

Okay, am I making sense here? or is it becoming too cheesy now? :)) Fine, lets just start of with my list of honeymoon destinations. These 3 places I’ve listed are the places I want to hit ALL in one single trip, like a one time, big time trip. But of course, I’m not Hitler or something. It will still depend on my future life partner if we can afford this kind and if he also agrees to these destinations. Oh well, wherever you are, whoever you will be.. prepare the $$$. Haha!

1. ) New York City, U.S.A.

– apart from not visiting the east coast from our last U.S. trip, I want to reserve this place for honeymoon mainly because I want to visit the main head quarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Brooklyn, NY with someone that I will spend my life with serving our Almighty God, Jehovah. (Yes, you read it right, I’m one of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.) Another reason would be to visit the famous Times Square and Manhattan! :”>Image


2.) Walt Disney World – Orlando, Florida

– I know it was just one of my recent posts that we went to Disneyland, California last summer. And believe me, I am still in a big hangover from it. I really fell in love with Disneyland and I would love to come back over and over again. This place might be a bit childish, but I really think it would be a great opportunity for me and my ‘future’ one to unleash the child in ourselves for one more BIG time because after that we need to grow up and face life’s realities.  Image


3.) The Bahamas

– Our trip to Hawaii last summer actually made me realize that an island / beach setting would always be the most romantic ambiance of all. After a cityscape in NY, a childhood comeback in Florida, won’t it be nice to relax and chill in the serene beaches of Bahamas? It’s the most peaceful way to end a tiring vacation! ;)Image


I really think its not that bad to dream and plan WAYYYY ahead of time. Everyone has their own hopes and dreams in life. I’m just sharing mine. :)

Happiest Place on Earth

So this is what I’m saying when I said that we we’re moving from LA to Anaheim in my last post. We moved to Anaheim to spend 4 days in Disneyland! Honestly speaking, of all the places that we went to in the whole of our USA trip last summer, this is still probably the best part if you would ask me!

Again, this is a late post. But.. its very much worth remembering so I will still blog about it :)

My supposed title for this post is “Unleash the Child in You” because the moment you enter Disneyland you seem to be transported back to your childhood memories. I’m so glad that I’m neither too old or too young to have this Disneyland experience. For those who had been there before, you must be familiar of the two parks that Disneyland California has: The Disneyland Park and The Disney California Adventure Park. We visited both parks and I wouldn’t have a pick which park is better because both parks are just amazingly awesome! The time that we went there was also perfect because it was spring so its neither too cold or neither too hot. Its not a peak season too because students are still in school. But even though, there were still a flock of people in the park. We even decided to go on a Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday schedule and there were still a lot of people! I can’t imagine going there on weekdays and during their peak seasons (June-Aug). You’ll be out of wits waiting for your turn on the rides!

It can be very intimidating on your first visit. Just like what happened to us. The parks are gigantic, the maps are so huge, there are rides and attractions left and right, people kept on walking and walking like ants everywhere! It was crazy!! However, after a tiring day in Disneyland, it was very much worth it. Everything is just so much fun. It is indeed the happiest place on earth.

To make the long story short, here are some of the photos (out of our 400+ photos, only from Disneyland) that we had:


Cars! So cute isn’t it? :”>

Too bad the “Cars Land” part of Disneyland was scheduled to open last June. And we were there May!! :'(


“The Bugs Land”


(Disney California Adventure Park)


Do you recognize the robot? It’s the famous robot from Japan! It was amaaaazing!


(Disneyland Park – Tomorrowland)


(Disneyland Park – Fantasyland)


Finale of ‘It’s A Small World’ Gondola Ride

And of course, who would go to Disneyland without having a picture with their most favored cutie patootie characters?




If you know me personally, you would know that I don’t really draw. Its one of my weaknesses. I suck at drawing!! But in Disneyland, they made me draw. And up until now I’m so proud of my drawing. It’s not all the time that I can make something like this. Haha.


And lastly, our one and only family picture inside Disneyland. A good samaritan offered to take our picture. How nice! :)


As I was uploading these photos to this post, my sister and I were actually looking at the website of Hongkong Disneyland and Walt Disney Resort (Florida). We are still very much amazed how Disney puts together all of their gigantic parts with all its modern structures and features. Oh well, I bet my sister is hoping for a Disney experience Part 2. Honestly, I am too! :p

I really regret not starting this blog last summer. If I did, this post wouldn’t be as late. Haha. But.. it’s better late than never!

So last April 30, my family and I flew to Los Angeles, California via Hawaiian Air with a lay-over in Honolulu. It’s actually our first time in the US of A. We had a lot of hassles with our lay-over in Honolulu since that’s where we’re gonna be checked by the Homeland Immigration. Long story short, we were actually running around the airport for our LAX flight because it was already in its final call. That was craaaaazy! It was very embarrassing when we finally got into the aircraft. Everyone was all eyes on us feeling annoyed that we caused the delay of the flight. But nevertheless, we still made it to the City of Angels!

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(Outfit: Shirt from Mango, Snakeskin Leggings thrifted, Jacket from Surplus, Scarf from my mom’s closet, Silver boots thrifted, and Brown Bag thrifted from Davao)

We arrived in LA around 11 PM and I remember finally arriving in our hotel at almost 12 MN. I knowww. It was such a crazy exhaustive trip! You wouldn’t believe that next day, we didn’t want to waste a day so we decided to go immediately for a city tour. On our 3rd day, we checked out of our LA hotel and moved to Anaheim. Why? Watch out for my next post! :)

New Pinoy Pride

As you must’ve read from the ‘about’ section of my blog, I’m a 4th year AB Communication Student. And right now one of the classes that i have is Integrated Marketing Communication. It is a requirement that we’re able to build an IMC plan by the end of the sem. To prepare for that, we already need to choose and do some research about an existing company/product/service that we intend to create an IMC plan for as early as now. And guess what my group has chosen:

Ten-tenennn! :)) Yes, we picked Manang’s Chicken. Most people in the northern part of Manila are familiar with this brand but right now its just starting to reveal itself from the southerners. They have started only to reveal themselves to the southerners by a stall in Soderno (Molito, Alabang) and BF Homes branch is their first store in the South of Manila. Surprisingly, Manang’s chicken has only been in the market for 10 mos. but they’ve grown with 10 branches already!

So today we went to the BF Homes branch of Manang’s Chicken (beside generics pharmacy, phase 1, Aguirre Ave) to interview the manager or supervisor to at least get some inside information. Mind you, we were just walk-ins and we did not set for any appointment. And surprisingly, the store supervisor entertained us very well and wittingly answered most of our questions. Good PR for them indeed! And what else did we get?

The supervisor gave us free chicken wings sampler! How nice isn’t it? I mean im not really a business minded person but having studied Public Relations for the past year, I believe that the secret to a successful business is taking care of your consumers. Its not just about giving them worthy products and efficient services all the time. How you deal with your consumers definitely matters!

Manang’s Chicken’s unique selling point is its soy garlic chicken that is not really the common type of chicken served on every Filipino’s plate. The usual filipino chicken is either roasted (like that of baliwag, andoks, chooks to go, etc.) and fried (jollibee, mcdo, kfc). Their recipe is similar to Bon Chon. However, Manang’s Chicken is proudly pinoy!

Check out their website for more information:

And yes, they do deliver! :-)




Their Velvet Sundae is a must try! Its a triple chocolate sundae with soft delectable sponge cake below + vanilla ice cream + chocolate syrup and sprinkles. Its sweetness level is not that ‘nakakaumay’ thus its just perfect! Manang’s chips is also one of a kind. Instead of fries they’ve created their own potato chips! :-)

Rainy Tuesday

Yesterday was really a wet day. It was raining the whole day. Classes has been suspended, including ours. However, we were suspended at 1PM so we still had our morning classes. Afterwhich, my friend who just recently got back from her work and travel program in the states, Kate, and I, decided to hang out after the suspension was announced. Notwithstanding the rain, we spent our afternoon babbling and babbling about our summer stories in Teatalk, a very cozy place smacked right at the very center of the long stretch of Aguirre Ave. in BF Homes, Paranaque. And as the name dictates, teatalk is obviously a tea place (pretty much like gong cha, serenitea, bubble tea, etc) i pretty much recommend their popping boba as a sinker to any fruity drink. Its quite interesting how it pops when you bite it and a burst of yogurt comes out! You guys should try it!

After our never ending babbling in Teatalk, we decided to eat an early dinner as our tummies were growling in hunger. Thai Fusion Cafe (also along aguirre, walking distance from Teatalk) was the best spot for our thai craving! The photo below shows what our hungry tummies had last night. We had chicken pad thai, beef garlic pepper and pork satay. Everything was not bad at all considering we only spent about P500+ for everything. And oh, we actually had a thai dessert after but we weren’t able to take a picture because it was rattled immediately the moment it was put on our table. They were very accomodating too. But the best part is, I had my dinner for free because my friend, Kate, paid for it. Wohoo! Thanks again Kate! :*

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Hello world! :)

Well, first of all I would like to welcome myself to the blogging world. Mind you, I actually had a blog back in high school but it wasn’t anything serious and it was just full of mediocre stuff that I never wanna read again. That was pretty lame. Haha.

Its been months since I started reading and following some fashion blogs like that of Laureen Uy (, Verniece Enciso ( and Camille Co ( to name a few.  And now, seeing my own friends have their own blogs, inspired me to create one too.

But I don’t know if it’s just me, or if it is also other bloggers’ dilemma:

“What on earth do I write on my blog?”

And now that I have finally decided to create one, I might have to deal with this question every now and then.

However, my blog will not be a dedicated “fashion” blog like those of I mentioned above that I regularly read. My blog will surely be a mixed of everything. That’s the reason why I named my blog “That Lovely Day.” I wanted my blog to be a sort of remembrance of the interesting things that I do on some days. It should remind me of all the lovely days of my life. It’s more like “What Jaresa Does – An Online Diary” Naks! But believe me, I thought of that as my blog name but it sounds really vain for me. Especially the fact that I’m not even a famous person! Haha. So yea it sucks. I’ll still stick with “That Lovely Day” :)


So since i’ve already started with my welcome post, lets bring it on!